Oh my Wodehouse/Plum Pie

Wodehouse is the perfect dose for an aching heart. Whether you're a damsel in distress, a gentleman at leisure, a small bachelor or simply neck deep in hot water, whatever your problem may be, Wodehouse cures it all.

His books are literary doses of laughing gas. It doesn't matter whether you choose to read his books for pure joy in the morning , during full moon or the mating season or even during summer lightning they are bound to tickle your funny bone.

If you're down with spring fever or you have frozen assets due to ice in the bedroom, simply take a sizable doze of Wodehouse.

With masterful comical storytelling and his ability to conjure something fresh with a very basic storyline, he is a literary humour therapist. So all you'll need to do is lie back and leave it to Psmith or simply ring for Jeeves. And if your aunts aren't gentlemen or you have an uncle dynamite, or you happen to see that some pigs have wings, simply dive into a Wodehouse book during cocktail time and wash down your anguish.

He will take you on an enthralling journey around Blandings castle. With the inimitable Jeeves by your side and an uncle Fred in springtime to whom you can confide in, you will find a way out of heavy weather. So wipe away that frown, don the heart of a goof, plop a Wodehouse book by your side and devour into a plate of eggs, beans and crumpets.


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